A New Collection of Woodcarvings, all untitled

30 May 2018 21:08

These woodcarvings are made out of various woods which are meranti, sapeli and ash. I was experimenting by trying to carve different types of wood. Sapeli is the best to carve out of these three woods because it is good for carving detail.


A new collections of carvings

I am inspired by horror films and I like zombies which I have also used as subject matter in lots of my paintings. Devils are also interesting and fun to carve.

three zombies and a devil

Three Zombies and a devil made out of sapeli wood ,acrylic and gloss varnish.

Close up of a zombie  Close up of a zombie..  Close up of a zombie.

Close up of a devil

I carved these Vikings because I am interested in history and also Vikings are fun to carve.

Three Vickings woodcarvings

Three vikings

Vikings are carved out of Sapeli wood, acrylic and gloss varnish

Viking carving .     Viking carving     Close up of a viking

Three Vikings and Monsters woodcarvings

Vikings and monsters wood carvings

A collection of clowns, untitled, ash, acrylic, gloss varnish

Collections of clowns woodcarvings

clown woodcarving .    clown woodcarving   clown woodcarving .