Alan Streets was born in England in 1969.
He has been an artist his whole life!
Graffiti Art is a major influence in his paintings. He is also influenced by Bruegel, Hieronymus Bosch and Salvador Dali.
In 1989 Alan moved to New York for inspiration!
When he was 23 he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. At this time and all through the 1990’s he was represented by the Nicholas Treadwell Gallery.
In 2000 Alan moved back to New York for more inspiration. He began painting plein air in New York in all Boroughs, as well as in numerous other American cities.
In 2007 a documentary about his career as a plein air artist in New York was released called “My name is Alan and I paint pictures”. This film won two academy awards and was also shown on the Sky Arts Channel.
In 2010 Alan returned to London and has been representing himself since then through his website.
He has taught himself how to woodcarve and has created a large collection of woodcarvings.
He has just self published a Graphic Novel called “Mutant Werewolf Schizophrenics
Zombie Virus” and at the moment he is working on a hand painted book about his schizophrenia.
Most of his painting techniques are self taught and Alan has been categorised as an
Outsider Artist!
All his latest work is updated onto this website and he hopes that viewers enjoy his art!