The Lighthouse

24 Dec 2015 15:20


The Lighthouse is a painting about a chaotic port town.The Lighthouse in the distance is a symbol of hope and safe haven amongst all the discord.

The youth running with the bag of money has just committed a robbery. He thinks he is going to get away with it but he is being pursued by an angry ghost wearing a blue boiler suit. The ghost will punish him, that is his karma.

Some hooligans are standing outside the Lighthouse pub chatting up local women.

Freddie and his biker friends have just met outside the Biker and they are going in for a pint.There’s a 70s metal blues band playing inside.

Dene is selling copies of the big issue outside Monsters nightclub .Its hard being homeless but he’s pulling his life together. A group of punk rockers is standing outside Monsters trying to get in but the bouncer is giving them hassle.

Lucindy has just bought some bread from Triste Bakery. Her family will be very happy at dinner tonight. As she walks off she can hear the couple in the corner arguing. In front of her is another angry ghost but she can’t see him because he’s invisible. He roams the town searching for people that need paying back for the wrongs they’ve done.

The preacher leans out of the window and says “I know the way and I will show you.”

Van Gogh is in his attic apartment painting still-lifes.

Tidy is walking to boxing practice at Danny’s boxing gym. Down by the docks a group of Orthodox Jews are discussing shipment details.The moon shimmers reflecting light of ships in the harbour. It’s nearly dinner time.