The Tattoo Payback

21 Sep 2015 15:42

The Tattoo Payback

The Tattoo Payback is about a group of serial killers that live in an Alabama type wilderness with swamps and gnarled old mangrove trees. 

Timmy and Darren,two hapless mods on holiday wanted to get a tattoo. They were in a bar where they met Leatherfaces cousin who told them about a tattoo parlour called" Big Timer Tattoo" in the wilderness that they must visit.This was the mistake they made.


_DSC9777 Kopie_2

When they arrived Jeb and Bubba tied them up and started tattooing them on their faces.

Waylon is tattooing the face of one of the pimps that Bubba caught breaking into Leatherfaces room. The other two pimps are tied up to a giant tree.They had been breaking into Leatherfaces room and putting estrogen into his food. 

Leatherface is getting ready to dismember them all with a chainsaw. He looks forward to his revenge.

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Xavier Pachacho lies on the ground near his abandoned car. Xavier had met a local woman earlier in the week. He'd got lost in the woods, and unfortunately for him ran into Leatherface.

His mutilated body is about to be finished off by a vulture. Skulls and bones of former victims are strewn all over the ground.


Nearby the swamp creature steps out of the swamp from amongst the water lilies.

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In the forest the Viking Skeleton God watches all the unfolding mayhem.

Through the shaded trees Sasquatch roars a terrifying howl.

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Moisture glints off the old moonshine shack in the fading evening light.

Clouds billow around the mountains in the distance and the sunset is bright red, blue and golden.

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