Zombie Virus Outbreak

23 May 2016 20:29

Acrylic on canvas 59" x 48"

1st picture

This painting is set in Hell City, the main city in hell. Professor Zorg, Chief Advisor at Hell City Hospital has been working on a vaccine for the Nolon Mutation Disease. Exon Pharmacies in conjunction with Phiso Medicines are sponsoring the Proffesor and his team of experts in the hope of finding a cure. Unfortunately there is a huge accident during a regular procedure in the Exon Lab.

2nd picture

A testdrum swab containing the Nolon Mutation Disease is injested by a laboratory monkey, coincidently creating a Zombie Virus.
The lab monkey mutates into a zombie monkey and escapes from its cage, biting Proffesor Zorg who becomes the first Hell City resident  to become infected with the Zombie Virus. Soon chaos takes over at Hell City Hospital and most of the patients and staff become infected with the Zombie Virus.

3rd picture

The contagion spreads throughout the city and staff at Astrophene Pharmacutical turn into demons.
Rooky Cassidy and Rooky Mc Mann, two cops into their first year on the force arrive at the pandemonium  unfolding outside Hell City Hospital. They begin firing at zombies but they are running out of bullets and it's hard.

4th picture

Joey Duece takes advantage of the ensuing chaos and robs Hell City Bank, scoring a nice haul.
Zombies smash the glass frontage of the Telivision Bonanza store and a Hell City ambulance driver peers out of the windscreen of his ambulance unable to believe what is happening. Everyone at Country Joe's Bar has become infected.5th picture

The arch devil flies over Hell City, watching the carnage with glee.
In the background of the sky drones start malfunctioning and exchange fire.
The Zombie Virus Outbreak has begun.

6 picture